Onondaga Creek

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February, 2007

Clinton ED

January, 2008

Annual Creek Float Art Parade

Onondaga Creek Walk at Armory Square to Franklin Square
Walton Street
New York
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There will be music and a flotilla.

DEC Campers Cleanup the Creek

Cleanup on Hovey Street along Onondaga Creek

From 9 to 11:15 am POC members, the Creek Rats, urban youth and ESF students picked up trash along Onondaga Creek & Hovey Street. At 11:15 am we walked two blocks to Aggie's at 340 Midland Avenue and had pizza and soda. This cleanup was the first local outing for the youth going to NYSDEC summer camp.


The History of the Midland Sewage Plant Struggle

on Syracuse's Southwest side

Combined Sewer Overflow Problem

About the Partnership

 The Partnership for Onondaga Creek (POC), founded in 2000, is a non-profit, un-staffed, low-budget, unincorporated, independent grassroots citizens' group.  The POC is dedicated to environmnetal justice and to water quality of Syracuse's waterways, especially Onondaga Creek.